is a website written and run by Jon Arnesen.

The main content of the site is the Norwegian Music Calendar, a weekly overview of recorded music with Norwegian artists r­eleased in audio formats and / or on audio carriers in packages of more than one track.

The goal of the Norwegian Music Calendar is to provide presentations for all "Norwegian" albums with facts, some views, streaming links, links to social media and other websites, as well as industry information like management / manager, booking, promoter, publisher, label, distributor on physical formats , and digital distributor, all with links.

The site has two Facebook pages;


  • Musikkopplevelsen (the music listening experience), which primarily shares and comments on current news, and is embedded as a column on the website.

  • Norsk Musikkalender (Norwegian Music Calendar) is the sharing page of the release calendar, where calendar entries are shared and tagged for the convenience of artists, industry and followers to share readily tagged content on their respective Facebook pages and profiles. This to help those involved in the release to activate each other's networks.

The website also has two Twitter profiles, @MusikkMedia and @Slippinfo (release info), which share almost the same distinctions as the Facebook pages.


Norsk Musikkalender also seeks to optimize Twitter's usefulness by setting up ready-made tweets with hashtags and mentions linking to pages at


In addition, the will publish reviews, music and industry news, interviews and blogs.


Musikkopplevelsen / Norwegian Music Calendar also aims to influence artists and industry to be present on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with their own artist / company profiles so that they can benefit from each other's followers and social networks and make it easier to share media coverage and reviews, and not least for media to reach artists and industry with published mentions and coverage.


Journalist and editor Jon Arnesen has 15 years of experience as journalist and researcher in Farojournalen, the Norwegian equivalent to Billboard, Music Week, Music & Media.


Farojournalen discontinued October 2010.


Arnesen has also had on print articles, photos, interviews, comments and reviews of music, home movies, electronics and technology in magazines Rock Furore and Jazznytt, and local newspapers Sarpsborg Avisa, Indre Østfold Avis, Vestlandsnytt and Nordstrand Blad a.o.


The website is located on Wix.

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