South Sudanese Artists Oppose Civil War With Reggae Song

When conflict broke out between the armed forces of president Salva Kiir and at the time being vice president Riek Machar July 8th, the young country's greatest artists plugged in their kinds of arms and made a new reggae plead for peace.

The beautiful reggae peace song “Dafa Dafa” was composed and recorded by a South Sudanese All Stars team of musicians as a reaction to the escalation of armed conflict in July 2016.

The track was released 22 July, and can be bought from the All Stars profile on The price is $1 or as many US dollars you would like to donate to the team's work for peace and unity in the youngest nation on our planet.

The purchase includes download of the song in MP3 and FLAC, and limitless streaming via the Bandcamp app.

For story of the recording, radio reportages and interviews, listen to the artists' playlist on SoundCloud:

South Sudan All Stars "Dafa Dafa" is a modern piece of reggae using both acoustic instruments and creative technology which most associate with euro dance and the techno style RNB of the likes of Jason Derulo and Tinie Tempah. I rarely hear harmonizer and autotune put to such meaningful use. The song is catchy in its upper mid tempo melancholy. The interaction of English with an accent and a number of local languages is a powerful instrument in itself. So is the remarkable array of singing styles, rap and plain recitation. But "Dafa Dafa" escapes the characteristics of dancehall to the point even reggae purists will agree this is roots rock reggae.

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